Cable: Most Common High-Speed Internet Connection

“Cable is the most common type of high-speed Internet used today. You can easily add Internet service to your current cable package for a nominal monthly fee. Most cable companies offer different packages depending on the speed you require for your Internet needs, and the number of computers in your house that will run off of it. They’ll usually offer high-speed Internet at a reduced cost if purchased as part of a package deal.” If you have a big family and everybody is using the internet you should probably get cable. It is a internet that works really good and fast. Lots of people use cable. Cable is separate from your phone line. Whenever you share cable it runs slower. You have more of a security risk. Cable is faster than dial up internet. Cable does not cost more than dial up. Cable would be the best option for a family, but only if you have a small family and not very many people are going to be using it. If to many people use it then it will run really slow.—fast-facts.php


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